Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is a means of offering interpreting professionals by video, in a rapid and secure way. Aktuel Translations now offers a fully secure system on a professional (not social) platform.

Areas where we can help

  • Legal Advice
  • Accounting and Financial Support
  • Underwriting and Insurance Brokerage
  • Housing and Welfare Support
  • Clinical and Medical Specialist support
  • Instant linguistic support during a tender process
  • Facilitation of training programmes
  • Client and prospective client meetings

The benefits

Technical Ease

  • Virtually Instant access to interpreters
  • No servers or specific hardware or software necessary
  • No software installation necessary
  • No firewall configuration headaches

Financial planning and budget control

  • Easy to track costs
  • No fixed term contract necessary
  • No financial risks or payment upfront

Security and setup

  • Professional (not social!) platform that is more secure than social networks. Contact details of all participants are kept private
  • Instant access to answers to ambiguous points and areas needing an explanation
  • Highly specialised people with no restrictions on travel and far fewer restrictions timings and availability than normal interpreting

Sales and marketing

  • Widen your sales reach to new markets abroad
  • Seeing participants face-to-face (not via conference call) increases understanding and can make a vital difference determining the course of a sales meeting

Why not get in touch today and discuss your video remote interpreting requirements with you.